Setting up your Venues

  • If you have inventory listed on any venue, that same inventory should exist in AOB before activating your AoB Venue Settings.
  • The following is a basic outline to activate your venues and your AOB account:
    • Login fields are case and character sensitive, so be careful to enter your data exactly and without blank spaces; before, or after.
    • Click the radio button next to Active.
    • Scroll to the bottom and click Save.
    • Look for the Verification Status in the gray process block which will appear on the right-hand side after the page reloads.
    • Click the Settings menu tab at the top of your AOB pages.
    • Click Venue Settings.
    • Locate the venue you are want to activate.
    • Enter your Username and Password into the corresponding text fields.
  • Each venue will have its own requirements for their login and some have special privilege settings (including FTP or sFTP accounts) so please check Venue Specific Help for any detailed information you may need.
    • It should be noted that some sFTP accounts can give false verification status messages when you are entering your login making it important to know that you are entering the login correctly.
      • Our only fully supported venue using sFTP is Barnes and Noble (BNN), though some Custom Venues utilize this type of FTP (ie.. Presto stores).
  • Once your venue/s are active in Venue Settings you should start seeing changes to the venue listings within the hour as AoB starts managing listings and order retrievals.  However, it should be noted also that each venue has its own internal processing times so the timeline can vary.

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