Multi-User Access

First we should clarify that you can have many people logged in and using the site all at once and have no need of this function.  Only when you have staff that you want to restrict to specific pages of your AoB account do you need Multi-User Access. 

  • To use this feature you must ask for it to be enabled on your account via a Support Request.
    • It will work best for you and your staff if you do this during non-productive hours, so let AoB staff know what time would work best for you to have this enabled.  
      • Work it out with AoB staff ahead of time if you would like someone to be available during non-support hours to work with you on this in case you have questions, or potentially lock yourself out of your account.  
    • Enabling this option creates your Administrative Sub-user. 
      • This sub-user's username is 'default' and its password is 'aob' (yeah, we know.. not very imaginative).  This is the login you need any time you want to make changes to the rest of your staff's sub-user accounts as it will be the only one with access to the Admin functions of Multi-user.
      • The functions on the site that ONLY the default user has access to are the Personal Settings, Venue Settings, Auto-Repricing Script Writer page, Edit your repricing script page, and RoadTools Settings.
  • Once Multi-user is turned on for your account you and/or your staff will login twice going forward.  
    • The main login to the account will remain the same as it has been, so enter your AoB username and password in the Login fields.  
    • You will now see a Sub-User (small head) icon that will be clicked to open the sub-user login area.  This is the second sign-in that you and your staff have to do to login successfully to access your individual user functions.

Here's the basics on how to set up the Multi-User access.  Your first task is to change the password for default.

  1. Sign in like you always do with the main site login.  
  2. Click the new sub-user icon and enter 'default' as the username and 'aob' as the password
  3. Go to Settings > Personal Settings where you will now see the Multi-User Access section.  Click the link titled Multi-User Admin.
  4. Next thing we're going to do is change your password for the default sub-user in the top section titled Add Sub-User/Edit Sub-User PW. So...
  5. Enter the username 'default'.
  6. Enter a new password for this user so that only the account admins will have it.
  7. Click the Add/Change PW of Sub-User button.

Now you're going to set up the sub-users for your staff

  1. In the same Sub-User Name field you used in the previous set of instructions enter the name of the first sub-user account you want to create (at least 4 characters: letters, numbers and underscore only no spaces, dashes, or special character).
  2. Enter their password in the next field (the password can be anything as long as it's at least 4 characters long).
  3. Click the Add/Change PW of Sub-User button.
  4. After you click the Add/ChangePW of Sub-User button a box will appear above the box you are working in that says User successfully added/edited.
  5. Now move to the bottom box titled Sub-User to Alter. Using the drop down box select the user account that you want to modify.
  6. Click the Load Subuser button
  7. Select the permissions you want this user to have access to do.
  8. Click the Save Permissions button.

Your staff can now access only the pages you wish them to access.  Let AoB staff know any questions, or concerns you have with this function.

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