Optional Market Settings

  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)
    • This option enables FBA settings for your AOB account to list new FBA items and update existing Merchant fulfilled items as FBA.
    • Check the box and save the page.
    • On the listing page, you will now find an Amazon FBA option near the middle of the page.
    • Items that are flagged as FBA items will produce a link to your FNSKU in the status banner once the item is created, or updated.
    • It is not required that you use the FNSKU link when using FBA with The Art of Books. You can still print these stickers when you are printing your shipping labels from Amazon directly.
  • Automate Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)
    • This option allows for the automatic transfer by AOB of your order details for FBA items that have sold on other active venues.
      • Once enabled an MCF link will be placed on your Ship page to display any MCF orders that have come in.
      • eBay orders will not transfer to Amazon immediately. Instead, they will be transferred to Amazon only after the Payment Complete notice is posted.
      • ABE orders will be Auto Pre-confirmed before sending to Amazon for fulfillment.  If there is a Credit Card Reject notice the order will show up on your ship page just like any other order and no MCF transfer will be attempted.
    • Once Amazon has confirmed the shipment of an order the MCF order will automatically be placed in your Processed Orders.
      • If for any reason Amazon does not accept the MCF order it will be moved to your On Hold list and the error message from Amazon will display in the Comments section.
    • Locate the order on your On Hold list and you will see a Create MCF option in the Action column to the far right.
      • Clicking the Create MCF option and saving the page will resubmit the order in cases where the error is resolved.


  • Send Shipping Confirmations to Amazon needs to be selected to allow AoB to send confirmations to Amazon when you mark an order shipped in AoB. 
    • Regardless of the option being found only in the .com settings, it applies to any Active Amazon.
    • If you do not have this option selected order confirmations are not sent to Amazon at all.
  • You can check on Amazon to insure they are processing the shipping confirmation data sent by AoB by navigating in your Amazon Seller Account → Upload Order Related Files.
    • If you notice error reports and are not sure what they mean, please contact AOB staff with the error message.



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