1. ASIN An ASIN is a unique Amazon issued number used to identify each item in the Amazon catalog. ASINs are displayed on the product information page for each item.
  2. DAZzle DAZzle is the shipping program used by Endicia.
  3. DC Delivery Confirmation.
  4. Endicia Endicia Internet Postage lets users print postage for all their mail. All you need is a PC, an Internet connection, and a laser or inkjet printer.
  5. File Format A file format is the type of file. For an example, .txt is text. This is what the extension on your tab-delimited files should be.
  6. FTP F(ile) T(ransfer) P(rotocol), A communications protocol governing the transfer of files from one computer to another over a network.
  7. ISBN International Standard Book Number
  8. PID Product ID.  Regardless of whether you're using ISBN/UPC/ASIN/etc..  enter it to your Product ID (PID) field.
  9. PNR Purge and Replace means to delete (purge) all the listings on the venue and replace them with what is in your Zoobilee inventory
  10. Pull List A list you use to 'pull' the books off the shelf, out of the box or other storage method for shipping
  11. Rank Amazon Sales Rank, the lower, the sooner it sells in theory!
  12. SKU Stock Keeping Unit, A SKU is an identifier that is used by merchants to permit the systematic tracking of products offered to customers. Zoobilee is a sku based system so you must have sku's on all of your listings. The format of your sku is restricted to only letters, numbers and dashes.
  13. Sticky The small check boxes next to some fields on your listing pages can be checked to make that field apply to every item as you're listing.  As long as you stay on the listing page the value of the field you've made sticky will apply to each subsequent listing.  
  14. Tab Delimited A tab-delimited file is a plain text file that uses tabs to separate data into columns.
  15. Token eBay integration requires a 'token' in lieu of your username and password. The reason for this is to shield your account from our having your username and password and thereby having complete access to your account. Also, if something untoward does happen, it's relatively easy for eBay to tell exactly where the breach came from.
  16. U - Unmatched A bold '''U''' or '''Unmatched''' displayed on your order means the item was unable to be matched with an active SKU in your account. You do not have sufficient quantity to fill the order or the sku does not exist in your account.
  17. UPC UPC (Universal Product Code) was the original barcode widely used in the United States and Canada for items in stores. The first item to be placed under a UPC scanner in a retail store was a 10-pack of Wrigley's Juicy Fruit chewing gum at Marsh's supermarket in Troy, Ohio, on June 26, 1974.
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