Accepted Formats

  • Tab Delimited Text (.txt):  Amazon, Alibris, Homebase all produce files in this format.  Excel files using extension .xls  and XML formated spreadsheets using .xlsx fall under this category also.
  • CSV (.csv)  
  • Bookhound (.bkh):  This source is known to use headers that our processors may not recognize.  This is typically due to updates being made by the software producer.  If you experience issue contact our staff to assist you.
  • Homebase Native (.msg)
  • UIEE BookTrakker: Sometimes headers get updated so if you find that some data doesn't make it into Aob contact our Staff to assist you.




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    Alibris offers their own UIEE files and some sellers are using those lately to upload to AoB. Be aware that if you do not have your own SKU that Alibris will assign SKU and their format contains dots (.) that AoB does not accept. You will need to either remove the dots, or strip the sku from your file and use AoB's auto sku function.

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