Download an Inventory File

This page allows you to generate a download your inventory using a variety of filters and formats.

  • Select the information you want to download.
    • If it is a full inventory report, select the first check box with greater than or equal to selected in the drop down menu and then a 1 in the text box, followed by any other options you would like to select.
    • If you'd like a full inventory file including all 0 quantity items do not select any of the options. Simply scroll to the bottom and choose tab delimited as the file format and click the Generate your Inventory file button.
  • Next, choose either a tab-delimited file or an Excel file in the drop down box toward the bottom.
    • If your inventory is greater than 30K, you'll want a tab delimited file since Excel invariably locks up on inventory files this size.
    • Click the Generate your Inventory file button and you will receive an email with a link to download the file.
      • Make sure you are logged into your account before trying the link.
      • Requested downloads are stored for 10 days only.

You can also follow these steps when your download is ready:

    1. Log into your account
    2. Click on Inventory at the top of the page
    3. Click on Download your inventory
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a Recent Downloads section
    5. Right click the inventory download ID and choose 'save target as' (or 'save link as' depending on what browser you are using)
    6. Change the extension to .xls if you requested an Excel file, or .txt if you requested a tab delimited. If you just click the link it will not save correctly
    7. Change the format type to All Formats
    8. Click Save
    9. Open the file in your spreadsheet
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