XML Shipping Interface

We support a simple XML interface for shipping and order processing purposes. This interface is used by our shipping partners to better streamline your shipping processes.


Each XML request should be sent to in the following format:

<username>your AOB username</username>
<password>your AOB password</password>
{ request blocks } ...


The get_orders Request block:

<ship_list> ship list code </ship_list>

This will give you the list of order IDs that are in the given ship list. The ship lists are as follows:

  • 'N' (New List)
  • 'H' (Hold List)
  • 'A' (Aux Hold List)
  • Or a number corresponding to the list number you have setup in your Zoobilee account (1-99).



The get_order Request block:

<order_id> the order ID from the get_orders call </order_id>

*This takes a single argument of order_id and will return all available information on the order in question in XML format.



*The ship_order call:


*This will attempt to process an order, queue to update the confirmation on the venue, and mark the order with the supplied tracking information on AOB.

*The mail_class is the standard endicia mail class:

*Carrier should be the standardized abbreviation for your mail carrier:



*The update_order call:


*This will update certain fields on your orders. It was actually added for a special circumstance so only updating the aob_comments is currently implemented

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