Confirm Orders Using Your AoB FTP Account

 Orders can be updated with tracking and processed by uploading a tab delimited text (.txt) file that you have named tracking_upload.txt to the shipping_upload sub-directory.


Your file should contain the following headers and data:

  • order_id will be the order id as it's displayed in AOB. (ex: Alibris orders have 'AL' prepended in the AOB display)
  • dc will be your Delivery Confirmation number.
  • shipping_cost will enter the value as your Actual Shipping cost. The dollar amount should not include the dollar sign ($).
  • shipped_method the value of this column will be based on the shipping method and carrier as follows:
    • usps_mm = Media Mail
    • usps_fc = First Class
    • usps_pm = Priority Mail
    • usps_em = Express Mail
    • usps_lm = Library Mail
    • usps_bp = Bound Printed Matter
    • usps_yp = Standard
    • fedex_gr = Ground - FedEx
    • fedex_ai = Air - FedEx
    • ups_gr = Ground - UPS
    • ups_ai = Air
    • upsmi_bp = Bound Printed Matter - UPS Mail Innovations
    • upsmi_mm = Media Mail - UPS Mail Innovations
    • upsmi_pm = Priority Mail -  UPS Mail Innovations
    • dhl_gr = Ground - DHL
    • dhl_ai = Air - DHL
    • dhl_gl = DHL Global
  •  custom_action with a value of 'abe_updateconfirm' will allow you to update tracking on ABE after you have Pre-Confirmed your ABE orders.  
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