Lightening Lister

Lightning Lister allows you to list many items at once.


  • You MUST use Auto-SKU. (found on your Inventory Settings page.)
  • All the items in your stack need to be the same Condition, have the same notes, and same list flags. 


  • Enter your ISBN, ASIN, or UPC one per line.
    • You can key in each one or scan them into the field. Here's an example of how they should look:


  • Click the Populate Product Data button to populate the Title, Author, Publication Date, etc...
  • This will also give you your core price, and an SKU.


  • Green highlighted items successfully populated Product Data from Amazon.
  • Yellow highlighted items did not successfully populate Product Data from Amazon.  This could be because it's not in Amazon's database at all, or because it's not in their MWS, which is where we pull the information.
  • If you have a pricing script in place the core price will be based on your script. (Note:  If you plan to use a Pricing Script, be sure to select the Condition before hitting Populate. A price cannot be suggested based on a script if no Condition exists before you Populate the data.
  • You can change the SKU, Quantity, or Price if you want it to be different than what is suggested.
  • Make sure you have selected: Condition, entered any Item-Notes, checked any 'Do Not List' settings, and your Shipping Methods.
  • Click the Create Listing button to list your items.
  • When the page reloads you'll see a table telling you which items were listed.
    • Items that show up on this table in Red, will not have had either a Title, Price, or valid ISBN and will not be listed.  
    • The Red entries will alert you to those items you'll need to pull out and not shelve until they can be dealt with individually.


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