Order Downloads

Download your sales using a variety of parameters:

  • Number of Days: Select from the drop down menu if you only want to download a file with a few days, weeks, or a month of Sales History.
  • Month: Select any specific month of Sales History the drop-down menu.
  • Between Specific Dates: Enter the date format as 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS' 
  • Specific Ship List: Your Ship pages create the drop-down menu, such as New, On Hold etc ..

The lower section allows you to refine the Sales History Download you requested in the top section.  

  • Enter a pattern matching term using any of the following fields:
    • SKU
    • Location
    • Source
  • Or, specify according to:
    • Venue
    • Domestic, or International
    • Greater, or Less Than a specific dollar ($) amount
    • State 

Once you've made your selections and are ready to click the Get File button you will see two remaining options...

  • Format as an AZ OFR: will format the file to match an Amazon Order Fulfillment Report.
    • Note: The OFR format is greatly scaled down as compared to the AoB Default format
    • Leave this unchecked to receive the AoB default which contains a great deal more data than the OFR format (such as the time an order arrived to AoB, your Tracking if entered, etc...)
  • Email me this file: will send an email to the address entered in Personal Settings containing a link to download your file.
    • If you have an FTP account with AOB this will also make the file available in the downloads folder of your FTP.
    • Leaving this unchecked will open the report in a new tab, or window, depending on your browser.


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