• How do I know when it's time to pay my AoB fees?  
    1. Your bill is emailed to the email address on file in your AoB account.  
    2. Attached to this email will be a file that breaks down the charges per order.
    3. You will also notice a payment banner on your account that will take you to Paypal to pay your fees.  (It is not required that you have a Paypal account to have Paypal charge your credit/bank card.)
    • The breakdown file contains the following data:
      • Order ID
      • Chargeable Item Price
      • Purchase Date
      • Cumulative Earning
      • AoB Fee
  • Why is the amount I am billed different than the figures on the Sales Stats page?  
    • AoB fees are calculated against the Item Price of each order during your billing cycle. The Sales Stats page shows your Earnings, which are figured by subtracting your Actual Shipping from the sum of your Sale Price and Shipping Credit. 
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