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Need to end a listing on eBay, but leave the quantity untouched in AOB?

Set a Do not list flag on your item and send a delete to the venue without changing the quantity of your item inventory.

What happens if an item is de-listed directly on eBay?

If a listing is ended directly on eBay, either by you, or by eBay, you will need to update your item in AOB inventory by setting a list flag or editing the quantity (depending on need) to trigger the system to drop the retained item id.

What happens to my inventory item if I have invalid item ids retained from previous ebay listings?

The item can not be relisted to eBay until the invalid Item ID is removed.

My Item was listed for 30 days and has expired. How do I relist my item?

If you have a lot you want relisted to ebay, you can request a 'Resync" from your AOB staff. Doing this will compare whats on your AOB vs your Ebay and make the needed corrections. If you only have a few, you can do them one by one by setting the ebay Do Not List flag then clicking Update Listing. Then remove the ebay list flag and click Update Listing again. This will trigger the system to send the item back to Ebay.

How do I change the listing duration on my item that is listed on eBay?

ebay does not allow you to change the listing duration after an item is listed without ending the listing. Doing this will result in new listing fees. If you still want to change the duration, you can pull up the listing here, select to end the listing on ebay, change the listing duration and click Update Listing. Clicking Update Listing a second time will trigger the system to send your listing back to Ebay.

Can I sell on

You can either sell on or on, but not both. If you wish to sell on open a support ticket and let us know which shipping options (method, class and costs) you want and we will get your account set up for for you.

contact info: 1-866-540-3229

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