BNN Basics

The AoB support of (BNN) is for inventory listed directly on Barnes and Noble not the partner program they have through Alibris.  

  • If you are already selling on BNN using other third party services, or simply using a third party service for the first time with your BNN account, please contact to let them know that you are now using The Art of Books (AoB) and will need your account configured correctly so that your orders will come to AoB going forward.  This should be done before setting this venue Active in your AoB settings to avoid breakdowns in communication for your order flow.   
  • If you are not already selling on BNN -- To sign up to sell directly on BNN go to and fill out their application. The approval process can take a varyingly long time in some cases.
    • Once approved make sure they configure your account to work with AoB so, make sure you obtain the login for the sFTP account that BNN will set up for your seller account with them.  Confirm that your orders are placed in this account and have them set the cycles for your order transfers.
  • It will be necessary to specify the order transfer schedule in the setting up of AoB/BNN connection.  The BNN default is to transfer orders to AOB at 9AM, noon, 3PM, 6PM and 9PM, but they also offer an hourly schedule which fits best with our own process cycles. There is no required schedule that you must set, just know that if you allow the BNN default cycle it will slow the deletes to other sites when items sell on BNN.

Of particular noteworthiness ... When you activate B&N on AoB Venue Settings the status message that will display to you can not be trusted; meaning it is vital that you are aware of exact character spaces and letter cases when entering your login here.   Please make sure you enter your username and password exactly as BNN gives you. You can also log directly into your sFTP account to verify the information if you experience issues.

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