• This is a BNN page with FAQs
  • How to find errors that kept items from being listed as active offers
    • If you question why an item is not listing on BNN login to your BNN account and follow this path: Inventory > Upload Using File > Most recent upload > upload history. Here you should find a table of your files having been uploaded and any errors that kept items from listing.
  • Packing Slips
    • BNN requires a long list of information on packing slips for items sold there. To see what is required just log into your BNN account > Help > Packing Slips.
  • I've been selling on BNN through the Alibris partnership and just got approved to sell on BNN directly. What should I do next?
    • Contact BNN, via email or the phone number below, and ask them if they can assist you with moving your account from the AL partnership to selling direct on BNN .. and ask if they can transfer your Seller Rating to the BNN direct program.
  • Can I list my FBA items to BNN for Multi-Channel Fulfillment?
    • It is discouraged as BNN does not approve of competitors labeling on the packaging their customers receive.

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