Choosebooks Basics

  • To list on Choosebooks/ZVAB through AOB send them an email requesting the FTP account and let them know the upload format will be Homebase.
Once they get you set up it has been requested that you wait 24 hours before activating them on AOB so they can make sure you are fully set up and ready to accept your inventory.
  • Your orders from this venue will be obtained differently than the way we send your inventory files. We will need to login to your account to access orders which means the login data you share is split between the site directly and the FTP. More specifically the login credentials you need to enter on your AOB Venue Settings page is a combination of the FTP username (not the email address) and password you use when login directly to the site. Do not enter the '123' Choose will tell you to use for the password.
  • AOB is unable to confirm orders on this venue. You will need to confirm them directly on Choosebooks.
  • The buyer address will need modified on orders as follows:
The addresses on Choosebooks are not in a set format and can not be displayed properly formatted on AOB's ship page. Instead the buyers address will be in your comments field.
To update the address correctly for the shipping field click on 'Change Address' under the address field on your ship page.
Enter the address correctly and then save changes. Reload the page to see your successful edit.
  • This venue limits uploads to one upload per hour.
  • info@choosebooks or 888-896-2087
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