• How do I get set up to sell on TextbookX?
Contact TextbookX at to request an FTP account.
In the email please include your TextbookX username and tell them that you use The Art of Books to manage your inventory.
Once you have that info input it on your AOB Venue Settings page, click the active button and save changes.
  • Why don’t all of my items show up on TextbookX?
TextbookX requires all items to have an ISBN and be in their catalog for them to accept it. So, it is very unlikely all of your inventory will show up on TextbookX (tbx).
  • Why am I’m only seeing a few of my items in my TextbookX inventory?
    • To see your entire inventory follow these steps:
      • Log into your TextbookX account
      • Click on the “My Account” tab and then click on “Sales”.
      • Beneath sales you will see a “Your Inventory” area. It will only show a few items. 
      • To see your entire inventory click on the “View more inventory items” link 
      • You should see your entire TextbookX inventory when that page loads (25 to a page).
  • How do I get paid?
  • Be sure to select your payment method (if you do not you will not get paid). Just go to your account and click on settings. Then click on the “Enter Payment Information” link. Enter the requred information and save changes.
  • What are the Seller Fees on this venue?
    • If you have an AoB account TextbookX does not charge monthly, or per item, fees.  There is a 15% charged against the item price of any item sold.

  • My inventory disappeared?
If you have low volume, no activity for 14 days, TextbookX will remove your inventory from their site. Correct it by going to your Venue Settings page and selecting to send a Refresh to this venue.
  • Contact info:
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