eBay Basics

The main differences between eBay's connection to AoB and other venues' connections to AoB are as follows: 


  • eBay integration requires a 'Token' in lieu of your username and password for security reasons.
    • If you list on both and eBay, they share a token and the logins need to be exactly the same.
    • However, if you have longstanding accounts with eBay/Half and cannot have matching logins, submit a Support Ticket requesting to have your token split by one of our Tech Support staff members.
  • Follow these instructions to Fetch your Token:
  1. Just below the 'Active/Inactive' buttons is a link for “Fetch a new eBay token”. Click this link and you will be directed to the eBay login system.
  2. After you successfully login and select Accept, you will be redirected back to AOB.
  3. You will now notice two lines above the Active/Inactive radio buttons giving an indication as to whether, or not, a Token is Present and the Expiration Date of your Token.


Listing Items

  • eBay requires that each item be uploaded individually because:
  1. eBay assigns an Item ID for each item which is fed back to AOB via the processing and retained with your SKU as stored in AOB's database.
  2. If an item is refused by eBay there will be an Error reported back to you via the Upload History in your AOB account.
  • Items are listed to eBay in accordance with the listing script you create on the Configuration.
  • Items are listed to eBay from AOB as Fixed Price listings.
    • AOB does not handle eBay Auctions.
    • Items listed as Auction should not be included in AOB inventory.


  • Order IDs in AoB will be a combination of your eBay Order ID and the Item ID.
  • Combined Shipping & Promotional Shipping are rules you can set up directly on eBay. will explain more of how to set that up in your eBay account.  
    • To use these shipping rules supply us with the Profile IDs of your rules and we'll create Scripts to be added to your eBay Configuration in AoB and your items will automatically use your Shipping Profiles set up on eBay.
      • Create a Support Ticket describing your exact need and we'll work with you to get the script added.
  • If you list items to eBay outside of AoB, checking the option to 'Pull non-AOB eBay orders' will dictate whether, or not, to display the orders for these items in your AOB Ship pages.  


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