Biblio Basics

  • Your account must be properly configured at for successful integration.
Send an email to with the following message:
"Please adjust my account to work with The Art of Books inventory management system via FTP inventory and order management.”
If you ever change your Biblio Password, contact Biblio directly and have them update your FTP Password to match your new login.
  • Biblio only accepts books and audiobooks .. no music or movies.
    • We have filters in place to prevent the media they do not accept from being uploaded. Please be sure your non-ISBN items have the word “book” in the media field on your AOB SLP to ensure these filters do their job.
You can note that an audiobook is a CD or cassette in your notes.
  • If you want to confirm your orders as shipped directly on Biblio, please DO NOT confirm them until we receive the order, or we will not be able to get it. You can also use AOB's ship page to confirm your shipping to Biblio
  • Contact info: or 800-813-9432
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