Custom Venue Login Settings

  • You have 10 Custom Venue sections. Use them for any venue that has not been integrated for full support with AOB.
  • In each Custom Venue section, you will see the following fields
Field Name Description
Custom Venue Display name Name your venue for display purpose internal to AOB
SFTP Used if your FTP account is a secure FTP
FTP hostname a hostname will be something like ( just 'gemm' or 'booksupply' won't work).
FTP username These fields are case and character sensitive so check for accuracy.
FTP password Copy over or delete the asterisk (*) its only a placeholder.
Format Select the format your venue is expecting from the corresponding drop-down menu
Custom Venue FTP Directory Leave blank unless you KNOW there is a specific directory into which you need your upload files to be placed

Our system will validate the login then save the information. If the login can not be validated the information will not be saved and you will see a status message at the top-right of the page as to what happened.

  • All contacts with the FTP server will use a Passive interface and have a 10 second timeout.
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