Order Files

  • You have the option of having AOB receive orders from your custom site. Look for the Pull Orders option just above the Active/Inactive radio button.  
  • An order file named 'open_orders.txt should be placed in an orders subdirectory in your FTP account.
    • Please note that if the Custom FTP Directory is specified, that directory is where AoB will place and look for all communications between our service and the one being set up.  This will include Inventory, order, and confirmation communications.
  • The order file should be a tab-delimited text file (one order item per line) with the following fields (case-sensitive).
The price, shipping fee, and commission should be per item:
payments-status A note of the status of the payment (Credit card, Paid, etc. the interpretation is up to you) If payment is not complete at time of order posting, include the text 'incomplete' in this field to mark the order to go to the Hold List to avoid shipping a non-paid item
order-id A user-wide unique order ID
order-item-id A user-wide unique order item ID (you may have multiple order items per order
payments-date The payment date
payments-transaction-id Transaction ID for this order (future use)
item-name Item title or name
listing-id Unused
sku The seller's SKU
price Price
shipping-fee Shipping fee the user is paid
quantity-purchased The qty of item purchased
total-price The total of the line item
purchase-date The purchase date formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
batch-id Unused
buyer-email Email of the buyer
buyer-name Name of the buyer
buyer-phone Phone number of the buyer
recipient-name The ship to name
ship-address-1 Shipping address line 1
ship-address-2 Shipping address line 2
ship-city Shipping city
ship-state Shipping state
ship-zip Shipping ZIP
ship-country Shipping Country
special-comments other notes for order
upc UPC of item
ship-method Desired ship method
commission Commission paid


Order Confirmations

  • When an order is processed AoB will upload a confirmation file to the FTP account under a fulfillment directory.
    • The fulfillment filename will be "<username>_confirm_<order_id>_<unix timestamp>.txt"
    • There will be one file per order.
  • The fulfillment file will be a tab-delimited .txt format with the following fields:
status (shipped, cancelled, deferred, or rejected)
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