Add an External Order

Use this page to manually enter orders from external sources or venues that are not currently supported by AOB.  This is especially useful for processing orders from since they do not come through to AOB. It can also be used if you make a sale to a neighbor or friend. The process is very easy once you get the hang of it.


There are only four requirements.  They are marked by a red asterisk (*): 

  • SKU Enter one per line or separate them with commas. A quantity of one will be assumed. If you have greater quantity, append a '#' and the quantity to the SKU. It will look like 'SKUNUMBER#2'
  • Recipient Name Does not matter if you enter the first name or last name first.
  • Order ID should not contain foreign characters other than dashes.
  • Order Date should be of the YYYY-MM-DD format

Find the SKU (from Inventory) for the item that sold on an unsupported venue and input it in the field under 'Add items to this order'. Then click add SKUs. 

Then fill in the rest of the data as follows:

  1. Enter Recipient name
  2. Buyer Name if it's different than the Recipient. (not required)
  3. Shipping Address (including the email address if you want them to receive a confirmation for shipping.)
  4. Order ID (you can make one up, but remember it is required info)
  5. Order Date. (YYYY-MM-DD)
  6. Select your Shipping Method from the dropdown menu.
  7. Shipping Paid (not required)
  8. Commissions and other fees (not required)
  9. Click the 'Add Order' button so the SKU(s) can be decremented from your inventory and the delete queued for upload to your active venues.

The order will now show on your Ship list just like any other order.


A few tips:

  • External orders cannot be edited once they have been created.  If you need to edit them you have to cancel them using the Move to History option and then re-enter the order.  
  • The SKU you enter must be in your AOB inventory.
  • The Extract Address Info expects the following format:

Address 1
Address 2
City, State ZIP

  • The core price of your item is the default price for your external orders. If you want an external order to have a different price you must change the core price of the item before you create the external order.


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