The Wants List

This tool allows you to manage the list of titles your customers are looking for.  

Manually enter the fields you want searched:

  • Product ID (ISBN/UPC/ASIN/EAN)
  • Title
  • Author

If any part of the entry matches it is considered a match.

To aid in your recall enter:

  • Name is your customers name.
  • Notes are useful to enter an email address, phone number and details about your customer
  • Date will populate with the date you entered this data once you Save Changes.

You will receive an email from AoB containing the Wants List match information when there has been a match.  Using that information you can quickly and easily locate your customer information on the Wants List.

Edit your information any time, and don't forget to Delete it when you're done.  

That's it!

Have fun

Happy Selling!


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