Duplicate Title Scan

No one likes to be alerted of listing violations, and in effort to aid sellers from raising eBay's ire due to their flagging duplicate titles for removal.  To aid in locating these in your inventory we created a tool called Duplicate Title Scan.  

You can locate this in your AoB Inventory Menu near the bottom of the page.   Click the link to start the scan of your inventory titles.  The resulting list will be comprised of items that have the same title and do NOT have settings to 'do not list' to eBay.

They will be displayed as follows:

  • You can click the SKU to enter the listing page for the item and edit the quantity to combine listings where the conditions match.  
    • There are also do not list settings you can create for eBay from this listing page.


  • You can also set up a Custom Title for items using the combination of a Script Snippet in the Post Processing box of the eBay Configuration page and your Private Fields.

Or, a combination of the two options if needed.  

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