Shipping Settings

In this second section of your eBay Configuration you will find your shipping matrix.  You can choose either Fixed-price or Calculated shipping.  Or, you can choose to apply Calculated shipping to only certain items based on greater than/less than ($) dollar amounts and use both shipping options.  It's completely up to you and your needs.

  • A $0.00 value in the Fixed Price section equates to Free Shipping.
  • It does not stop you from offering the shipping option having the $0.00 value.
  • To limit the Shipping speeds offered, enter a Script Snippet in the Pre/Post-Processing box at the bottom of your Configuration page.

  • Be aware: eBay places a cap on the amount you can charge for shipping based on Media type.
    • If you exceed the maximum amount allowed listing attempts will fail and show Error in your Upload History, until corrected.
  • Select Local Pickup if you are allowing local customers to pick up their purchase.


  • Limitations can be set up to apply Calculated Shipping to a specific subset of your listings by selecting to 'Only apply' to listings above, or, below, a set Price.
  • Calculated shipping requires the entry of your Zip Code on your Personal Settings of your AoB account.
  • Weight of the item is also required.  If it exists in the data eBay passes that is what will be used.  If eBay does not have the item cataloged with weight, any weight you've entered to your AoB item will be used.  

 In this last section of your Shipping Settings:

  • Set your Handling Time
  • State specific Payment Instructions to Buyers
  • Accept Returns and set up Refund/Return guidelines.
  • State your Return Policy.


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