Managing Description Templates

Think of your Description templates as your advertisement for selling your item and your business.  AoB allows you to create templates for various and differing items, based on styles, genres, etc...

On AOB you will find we offer a default Description Template for your use when listing to eBay.

  • The Description Template can be displayed when you click 'ebay Test' in your inventory list.

A new page will open displaying the default template unless you have created your own:


 Click the Manage Templates button to open the editing page.

  • This page first presents you with options for editing existing templates and for creating new templates.
  • You will note the large text entry area where you will work to create new templates, or edit existing templates, using a combination of HTML and the Replacement Codes from the table on the far right.
  • Save button at the bottom to create your template or save your changes.

The second half of the Description Template section of your eBay Configuration is dedicated to Matching your Description Templates to specific items, or types of items.  

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