Lead Developer

 Rodger Castle is our Lead Developer.  He brings to our team 12 years of web development experience focused in online merchanting, a nearly completely unused BS in Mechanical Engineering, service in the United States Air Force, and an almost constant refusal to leave well-enough alone.  

He lives with his wife, Willow, in rural Indiana on a 72 acre refuge from the outside world along with seven children, 22 chickens, six dogs, two mules, and more ticks than should be legal to harbor.  His interests include heavy metal music to compete with the seven children, biblical studies, being a father, pining over the fact that he has a real life and thus doesn’t have time for online gaming, and podcasting.

If you'd like to connect with Rodger, he's never far away from one of these outlets:

Facebook: rodgercastlejr

Twitter: @RodgerCastle

Snapchat: rodgercastle



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