If you have an Amazon Seller ID saved in your Amazon Venue Settings you will see a Green Soloist panel at the top of all AOB pages.


Once you have created a Repricing Script the Soloist panel will display radio buttons for your repricing methods as follows:


  • Auto: uses a script that you've created to compare and change prices of your items. When items are repriced they will automatically be queued for upload to your venues.  Items that could not be repriced automatically will load to your Reprice Your Books page where you can manually change their prices and update.  
  • Test: uses a script that you've created to compare and suggest new prices but does not actually change the core price of your items.  The results of a test run will display to you in the Pricing Output column of your inventory display page.  Any items that could not have a price change suggested to you will be displayed on the Reprice Your Books page for manual edits.
  • Manual: Moves your inventory to the Reprice Your Books page (RYB) where the suggested price change will be $0.01 less than the lowest reported price per item.

Select your repricing method and click the Run button to place your account into the repricing queue. The Soloist panel then displays a Static status as follows:

  1. Pending -- until your account is picked up for processing.
  2. Working  -- once your account is being worked and includes a countdown of ISBN's as Soloist works through your inventory. 

When Soloist has completed its run the panel will again display the radio button options.



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