If you have an Amazon Seller ID saved in your Amazon Venue Settings you will see a Green Soloist panel at the top of all AOB pages.


Once you have created a Repricing Script the Soloist panel will display radio buttons for your repricing methods as follows:


  • Auto: uses a script that you've created to compare and change prices of your items. When items are repriced they will automatically be queued for upload to your venues.
  • Test: uses a script that you've created to compare and suggest new prices but does not actually change the core price of your items.
  • Manual: Moves your inventory to the Reprice Your Books page (RYB) where the suggested price change will be $0.01 less than the lowest reported price per item.

Select your repricing method and click the Run button to place your account into the repricing queue. The Soloist panel then displays a Static status as follows:

  1. Pending -- until your account is picked up for processing.
  2. Working  -- once your account is being worked and includes a countdown of ISBN's as Soloist works through your inventory. 

When Soloist has completed its run the panel will again display the radio button options.



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