Show Full Inventory

Use this page to see your full positive quantity inventory.  

In the top left corner of the page there are a variety of options:

  • A line to display the total count of positive quantity items
  • A line containing a drop down to allow you to choose the number of items to show on each page.
  • A line containing a drop down menu where you can select to look at a specific page number, as well as arrows to advance you one page at a time.

  • And lastly .. A Perform Actions button that you will use when in correlation with the Delete option in the Actions column. 

  • The Actions column is comprised of a Delete option to zero (0) the quantity of items in your inventory. You will note there is also a Check/Uncheck All option as well.  This does not remove the sku, it only sets the quantity to Zero (0)
  • eBay Test will show you the Description Template so you can troubleshoot any necessary issues before sending it live.

  • Pricing Test will show you the current market prices and how your repricing would go if you were to run Soloist at that moment.  This is a great tool to use when changing settings in your Repricing Configuration.




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