Inventory Statistics

The top section of this page is comprised of a series of tables going across the page.

The first table is your Inventory Totals containing the following list:

Total Items Listed tells you how many unique SKUs are in inventory
Total Pieces Listed tells you the total number of items you have listed (100 total items with 10 copies each will show as 1000).
Total Value tells you the total value of all items listed on AOB. If you have multiple quantities of any item this is taken into account. Your core price only is taken into account here. No venue specific pricing is included.
Total Cost is only calculated if you enter the Cost when you enter inventory, otherwise the value displayed will be $0.
Average Price is the average based of all of your core prices.
No Condition tells you how many items you have in inventory without a condition.  If any exist the number displayed will be red to make it more obvious.  Items without Condition will not be uploaded to your venues so you will want to correct them as soon as possible.
No Price tells you how many items you in inventory without a price. If any exist the number displayed will be red to make it more obvious.  Items without Price will not be uploaded to your venues so you will want to correct them as soon as possible.


The second table is your Venue Contact Times where you will see the timestamps of the most recent contact to your active venues for Order pulls and Uploads.

  • Note that in the Last Upload column all entries are clickable links.  Click one and your Upload History page will open displaying uploads for the venue selected.  (ie.. click the link in ABE's line and ABE uploads will load in the search results)

The third table is your Recent Listings. There you will see your recent listing activity by Date (Date), number of new inventory items listed (# Lstd), average listing value (Avg $) and total value listed (Total $).

The last table in this section is your Recent Uploads. If you upload files of inventory to your AoB account you will find the 5 most recent displayed here.  

  • The timestamp is a clickable link and will open the uploaded file in a new page.  
  • Right click on the Format entries and you can download the file to your machine for inspection.

In middle section is a Site Sales bar graph that displays site-wide sales. It is very helpful to check and see how your sales patterns compare to the sales of all other AOB users.

The final section is a sampling of your most recent Venue Uploads. You will see a list for each active venue so you can quickly check on the status of your uploads.

  • In the snapshot you'll note 'ali' in the upper top left corner.  Each venue is referenced as its own 3 letter code in AoB.  This one stands for Alibris.
  • The string of numbers in the left column is the upload id.  You can click to open the file, right click to download the file, or share the id with staff for any inquiries you may have.
  • The far right column is the file size.  If it ever displays as 0 check the login you have entered for that venue as it's likely faulty.
  • If you see the word 'error' in any of these boxes roll your cursor over the word error and a popup will display the error message. If your eBay/half token has expired, for example, you will see an error message here.
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