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Show Past Venue Upload History allows you to locate specific uploads to your venues so you can see what was sent, when it was sent, what the response was, etc.. 

At the top of the page are the search criteria:

  1. Select the numbers of days back to search from the drop down menu.
  2. Select which venue to search from the second drop down menu.
  3. Enter a SKU, ISBN/ASIN/UPC, or the Item ID from Half and eBay (in cases where you are searching for a delete to either site) in the text box labeled 'Containing'.
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. See the Search Results for the table that will list every upload found that matches your search criteria:


  1. In the first column, labeled ID, click on the number in that column to open that file and view the data uploaded to your venue.  You can also share the ID with AoB staff to aid in any troubleshooting on your behalf.  
  2. The second column, labeled Venue, tells you to which venue the file was uploaded.
  3. The third column, labeled Status will show you whether, or not, your file was received using Error, or, Processed as the possible values.
  • If the search you complete is for Amazon, notice that the value of Processed is a clickable link.  Click the link to open the Processing Report received from Amazon.
  • If you see a Status displaying Error, roll your cursor over the error and a popup will display the error message. (If your eBay/half token has expired, for example, you will see an error message here.)  You can also click the ID to open the file and scroll to the bottom to locate the Response from the venue. It will look like code at first but with practice you can read the error message in full there.  
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