Confirmation Emails

The settings for your Confirmation Emails consists of:

    1. a Text Block on the left, which displays the code that creates your email or packing slips. 
    2. a Template Menu to the right of the Text Block, which includes a variety of AoB default options, as well as a Custom option allowing you to create your own.
    3. a Preview option which will email a copy of the selected email template to the email address entered in your Personal Settings, or open a new page to preview the packing slip you created.

To choose a Template highlight your selection in the Template Menu and save the page.


    1. When the page reloads the Text Block will populate with the text, HTML and the Template Replacement Codes (explained below) necessary to pull data from various places for population into your email and/or packing slip. Note: The Custom option will load a blank text block until you've entered and saved your own work.
    2. Click Preview to have a copy of the email sent to you, or open a page for the packing slip.
  • If building your own Custom Email please note that you can only use text and the supplied Replacement Codes.
    • To ensure that as many of your buyers receive their confirmations as possible, HTML is not used in your Confirmation Emails.
  • Some ISP's will not allow an email to go through if the From: Address does not match the sending server.  So the From: address on the Confirmation Emails will show an Art of Books address (  
    • You can mask the From: address by entering your own Business Name to the Pretty Email Name field just below the Confirmation Email Text Block.
  • Enter a Subject of your choosing for your Confirmation email. If left blank the Subject of your email will say 'Shipping Confirmation From <your business name>'.
  • Select to receive a copy of all Confirmation Emails to save yourself from complaints of not receiving an emailed confirmation notice.
  • Whether you've selected one of the AoB templates, or built a Custom template, the selected template (the highlighted option) will be the one used by the system for your Confirmation Emails. 

Below the Confirmations Emails and Packing Slips settings you will find a table containing our Template Replacement Codes.


  • They are used to pull specific information from your Personal Settings and Orders to populate that data to your Custom emails and Packing Slips. (Ex: %DELIVERYCONFIRMATION% placed into the code generating your email will populate the Tracking you've entered to an order when marking it shipped to your email and send it along to your customer)
  • Enter these to the code that creates your Confirmations Emails and Packing Slips where you wish the information to be displayed.
  • If you want to information specific to the item/s ordered you must use Item Section tags (%ITEMSECTIONBEGIN%' and '%ITEMSECTIONEND%) in each of the templates, before and after, where you wish to pull in the item specific data.
    • Note the table is two different colors. The Replacement Codes in the green section are Item Specific tags.
    • You are limited to one Item Specific section on your communications so make sure you include everything relating specifically to the items ordered into this one section.


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