Mass Move Your Orders

Since AoB retains all order data on your ship page unless you move it elsewhere during the course of normal business flow, it can quickly build up. You can use this function to quickly relocate groups of orders.  This is especially helpful for Sellers that have not previously used AoB's shipping pages, but have decided to start.

  1. Enable this function on your Shipping Settings page.
  2. Once enabled you will see an N, F, L and an X in the Action column for each item on your shipping pages.
  3. When you have a group of orders to move, select the button next to F (for first) and at the end, L (for last).
  4. If there is an item between that you want excluded mark it with X (eXcluded).
  5. Once your group is ready, scroll all the way to the bottom to select what action you want preformed with that group. You can select any Action that you would normally have available.
  6. Save the page and all selected orders will be moved as specified.


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