Shipping Defaults

This section allows you to enter your Bulk Shipping Defaults including:

  •  populates the Carrier field on your ship page with your chosen default.  However, you can still edit individually as the need may arise.
  • Have a template you've designed for your labels?  Enter the file path to the DAZzle layout field for Endicia to use when creating your shipping labels.
  • The DAZzle output file will be the file path on your machine to where the DAZzle file will be stored. 
  • Default Delivery Confirmation Setting can be toggled on/off or only applied to specific orders by entering a value to this field. 
  • These Default Settings populate to your Bulk Ship page, however, you can change any of them individually before generating your Bulk Ship file if there is need.
    • Default Mail Class
    • Default Package Class
    • Use Flat Rate on Exp'd Orders
    • Domestic Stealth
    • International Stealth
    • Customs Form
    • Default Package Size
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