Multiple List Ship Page Overrides

If you are using Multiple Shipping Lists you have the option logging in at and setting up list specific default settings.  

  • On the Shipping Settings page you will find a link directly above the Bulk Shipping Settings that says 'Set Ship List Override Settings
    • This opens a  new page where you will find only a drop-down menu and a Load Settings button. 
    • Select the list you wish to set up with specific Bulk Shipping Settings and click the Load Settings button.
  • The new page that loads will display the list being edited as well as all of the Bulk Shipping Settings.
    • Go through the Settings selecting what you need for your specific Ship List, and Pull List and Carrier Default. 
    • Click the Save All Changes button at the bottom.
    • The page will reload and you can either select to create another ship list specific set of rules, or click back to the Shipping Settings page. 
  • If you click back to the Shipping Settings page, scroll down to the Multiple List Ship Settings and select the Override option next to your list of Shipping Pages.  Save the page to apply the Shipping Settings you've created.


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