Setting up your Pull Lists

Use a Pull List to gather the items ordered more efficiently while getting orders ready for shipping.

  • Click the Display your pull list link to display all of your orders. Or click on a specific sub-list to see only the selected orders. The sub-list options are as follows:
    • Expedited Orders Only
    • International Orders Only
    • Hold List
    • Aux Hold List
  • Configure the Pull List in Shipping Settings by selecting the fields you want displayed in the Pull List Display Fields
    • Be aware that if you have a lot of options selected you may need to print the pull list in Landscape mode to get everything to show up as it should.
    • While in Settings you can also setup how you want your Pull List ordered.  Use drop down menu titled Ship/Pull List Ordering
      • Check your pull list by going to your ship page and clicking the Display your Pull List link.
      • If there is need to add, or delete, something just go back to the Ship Settings page, make the needed changes and save the page.
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