1. When do I have to enter the dimensions?  You do NOT have to enter dimensions for ANY MM or any PM that uses the USPS mailers (flat rate mailers or the PM boxes). Generally speaking, you MUST enter dimensions if the package is large or oddly shaped.The classic example is a guitar .. since it is oddly shaped you would have to enter the dimensions. If you have questions about a specific package, we suggest you contact your local post office or
  2. Why won't my international label print? The country must be in all caps or the label will not print (ITALY, not italy). If the country is not in all caps Endicia thinks it is a state and gets confused. Also, the country has to be on the last line of the address with nothing else.
  3. What are the weight/size limits for the Flat Rate PMI envelope?  Currently, the weight limit is four pounds. If you can close the PMI FRE without distorting the dimensions of the mailer you are good to go.
  4. What countries can I use PMI to mail my items?  You can ship using Priority Mail to most countries around the world but there are usually a handful of countries that the USPS will not send PMI. If you have questions about a specific country we suggest you check with your local post office or
  5. Is there a good place for me to check USPS requirments?  Check out this site:
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