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Do you have incomplete listings or have you received warning notices from Amazon claiming you have items listed with incorrect ASIN?  Perhaps you've sold a book only to find the customer expecting a different Title than what you have shelved.  Each of these situations is rooted in ASIN changes that Amazon does in its database to account for updates from Publishers.

Being sympathetic to the changes to ISBN/ASIN/UPC's and how it can affect your inventory listing, we created a report that you can run yourself which will compare your inventory as AOB has it against what Amazon reports as having.

Inventory Comparison

  • You will find this option in two different locations of your AoB account: Tools and Venue Settings.
    • In Tools  Locate the link for Amazon Inventory Comparison in the bottom right corner in the panel labeled Useful Links.
    • In Venue Settings locate the Amazon Settings section. At the end of the MWS paragraph, you will see a 'Run Inventory Comparison' option.
      • Check the box next to the option and save the page. When the page reloads you will see [Inventory comparison running] in place of the option to run the comparison.


What this will do for you:

  1. Ping Amazon and compare your listings in AOB against what is listed on Amazon. This is limited to SKU and ISBN/ASIN/UPC for the comparison; quantity is not considered.
  2. Send a report to the email address you have listed in your AOB Personal Settings. The subject of the email will be [AOB] Amazon Inventory Comparison Report.
  3. The body of this email is broken into two main parts:

In the topmost portion of the body you will find a list similar to the following:

<Your SKU here> had a mismatched ASIN, updating AOB's record (B000HNR99A) to Amz's record: 0870683551
<Your SKU here> is not on Amazon
<Your SKU here> is not on Amazon
<Your SKU here> is not on Amazon


The second portion of the email body will be a summary similar to the following example: 
5113 are matched
1 had missing ASINs but that were filled in
2 had mismatched ASINs that were updated
16 are not listed on Amazon
AOB will automatically update your items in the database with the correct ASIN, as reported by Amazon, to allow for successful future updates when these ASIN get merged.

Curious about those entries entered as 'not on Amazon'?   The Upload History in AoB is about to be your best friend.  You can track uploads to your venues from your AoB account for a timeframe of typically about two weeks.  To locate this page navigate to History > Uploads History > Show your past venue uploads and use the SKU to search your uploads and then be able to locate the Amazon Processing Report as described in our Help Center article.     

If you can not find a recent upload for an item you can click the Update Listing button from the item's Listing Page to resend the item to your venue and you can then find the Processing Report on your next search of the Upload History.  It's important to note that you should allow approximately an hour for the Amazon to have the Processing Report ready to be viewed via our links.  

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