Refresh Venues

A Refresh is merely resending your inventory to any active venue of your choice by checking the box next to your chosen venue and saving the page.  

    • Refresh active inventory is only your positive quantity inventory
    • Resend deletes is your zero (0) quantity inventory
    • eBay and Half Refresh options include the choice of resending inventory that is listed, or only items that have not already listed to the venue.


If at any time one of your venue selections is greyed out and not clickable it means that your queue for that venue is already full.  Once the upload queue for that venue clears you will find the Refresh option is usable again.


As of April 2016 we've added an option to Run a inventory snapshot to your your Refresh options's options: 

 Click the link to open a new page allowing you to upload your snap shot.  This file will be compared to your AoB listings and corrections will be queued for upload to Half to bring your listings back in sync with your correctly listed AoB inventory.

To get an Inventory Snapshot from Half:

  1. Log into your seller account.
  2. Locate the heading of Selling.
  3. Inventory Snapshot is the third link down, click it.
  4. Enter your email address if it is not already there and click the submit button
  5. Once your Inventory Snapshot is ready you will receive an email from with a link to where you can find your download.
  6. Enter that URL into your internet browser.
  7. After you go back to Half save your download to your computer in a place you can find it again.
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