Packing Slips

The settings to create your Packing Slips consists of:

    1. a Text Block on the left, which displays the code that creates your email or packing slips. 
    2. a Template Menu to the right of the Text Block, which includes a variety of AoB default options, as well as a Custom option allowing you to create your own.
    3. a Preview option that will email a copy of the selected email template to the email address entered in your Personal Settings, or open a new page to preview the packing slip you created.

To choose a Template highlight your selection in the Template Menu ...


...  click the Preview button to open your selected template in a new tab on your browser displaying your selected template.  When you decide which template you wish to use scroll to the bottom of the page and click the save button.   

    1. When the page reloads the Text Block will be populated with the text, HTML, and the Template Replacement Codes (explained below) necessary to pull data from various places for population into your packing slip. Note: The Custom option will load a blank text block until you've entered and saved your own work.
    2. Click Preview to open a page displaying the packing slip.
  • Whether you've selected one of the AoB templates, or built a Custom template, the selected template (the highlighted option) will be the one used by the system for your Confirmation Emails and Packing Slips. 

Below the Confirmations Emails and Packing Slips settings you will find a table containing our Template Replacement Codes.


  • They are used to pull specific information from your Personal Settings and Orders to populate that data Packing Slips. (Ex: %RECIPIENTFORMATTEDADDRESS% placed into the code generating your Packing Slip will populate the Customers mailing address from the order data)
  • If you want to information specific to the item/s ordered you must use Item Section tags (%ITEMSECTIONBEGIN%' and '%ITEMSECTIONEND%) in each of the templates, before and after, where you wish to pull in the item-specific data.
    • Note the table is two different colors. The Replacement Codes in the green section are Item Specific tags.  Meaning it will populate data about the item that has been ordered to your Packing Slip

 Adding a Logo, or, Barcode to your Packing Slip

To add your Logo:

Using an image tag you can add your logo (or any image) to your Packing Slip.  Insert the image tag into the HTML that makes up your packing slip where ever you want the logo/image to appear.  The following is merely an example, but it would look like this:

  • <img src="your_hosted_image_url" alt="your_logo_name" height="42" width="42">

Note: You should replace the italicized portions between quotations with your own information and you can change the height and width values to suit your need.

To add your barcode:

Insert the following line into your packing slip template including the <img> tag like so:

  • <img src="/barcode128.png?text=text&bc_option=value&output_crop_height=100">
    • replace 'text' with the text of the barcode, perhaps %ORDERID% or %ITEMSKU%
    • replace '100' with how tall you want the barcode image to be
    • replace the 'option' of 'bc_option' with the option name below and 'value' with its value


Option Default Description
border 2 Size of the black border around the barcode
scale 2 How many pixels for the smallest barcode stripe
show_text 1 True/False: display the text at the bottom.
font_margin 2 Pixels above, below, and to the left of the text
font_align "left" Align the text ("left", "right", or "center")
top_margin 0 No. of pixels above the barcode
bottom_margin 0 No. of pixels below the barcode (& text)
left_margin 0 No. of pixels to the left of the barcode
right_margin 0 No. of pixels to the right of the barcode
padding 20 Size of whitespace before & after barcode


NOTE: IE doesn't like to print these since they are 'parameterized' graphics. Firefox and Opera have been confirmed to print fine.

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