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This venue requires a 'Token' in lieu of your username and password for security reasons.

Just below the 'Active/Inactive' buttons under eBay is a link for “Fetch new eBay token”.
Click this link and you will be directed to the eBay login system.
After you successfully login and select Accept, you will be redirected back to AOB.
You will now notice two lines above the Active/Inactive radio buttons giving an indication as to whether, or not, a Token is Present and the Expiration Date of your Token.

Listing Items

This venue requires that each item be uploaded individually in its own file (aka: single item files). This is because:

  1. They assign an Item ID for each item, which is retained with your sku in AOB's database.
  2. If an item is refused by Half there will be an Error reported back to you via the Upload History in your AOB account.

We will send your new listings to Half in batches of 500 listings in intervals of roughly 20 minutes.


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