eBay Business Policies

Business Policies are the very first section you will see at the top of your eBay Configuration page.  For more information from eBay about their policies, please see 

Policies that you create on eBay will create dropdown menus to the top section of your eBay Configuration page and you can select policies there to act as your defaults.  These same menus will create a dropdown menu for each policy in the eBay Attribute section of your Single Listing page (SLP) in AoB so that you can select policies at the item level which would override any defaults you've selected

**If you do not see the policies you've created in this section, drop to the bottom of the page and click the Commit Changes button so we can connect to eBay for your account and get those populated.


It isn't required that you select a default. However, eBay will autogenerate a new policy based on your history to use for any item that is sent without this data.  It's important to note at this point that having a high volume of policies created will cause your AoB eBay Configuration page to load slower. 

Any edits you do, or new policies you create, will update to the menu on your AoB eBay Configuration page when you open the page and click the Commit Changes button at the bottom of the page.  When the page reloads you will see any new policies you've created will have populated the drop-down menus on the Configuration page as well as on the drop menus found on your listing pages.

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