If you are using the Single List Page (SLP) to list FBA items:

  1. Click enable FBA on your AOB venue settings page.
  2. List on your SLP and check the FBA box.
  3. Your FNSKU option will appear on the SLP where you can print your label for the item just listed (or you can print the labels from your Amazon account). Affix labels to your items.
  4. Go to your Amazon account and process your listings for shipment and print shipping labels.
  5. Ship to Amazon.
  6. AZ will email you when they have received your inventory.

If you are uploading a file to list FBA items:

  1. Click Enable FBA on your venue settings page.
  2. Create your file and be sure to have a column with the header of 'fba'. Put a 'y' in that column for any item you want AOB to send to FBA.
  3. Print your FNSKU labels from your Amazon account. Affix labels to your items.
  4. Go to your Amazon account and process your listings for shipment and print shipping labels.
  5. Ship to Amazon.
  6. Amazon will email you when they have received your inventory.

What does FNSKU mean?

Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit – this is different than your merchant SKU which is unique to your inventory. The FNSKU is unique among AZ's warehouse while keeping your merchant SKU attached to the listing.

Why is the FNSKU not being created on some items?

These will likely be seller created and non-book items. If an item doesn't have dimensions in the product details, we can't generate the FNSKU.  

I have items in AOB as Merchant Fulfilled that I want to list as FBA.

You can do this on the listing page directly by checking the Amazon FBA option directly under the Do Not List section. When you click the update listing button we'll upload the item to Amazon as an FBA item. If you plan to upload the edit, just include a 'fba' column in your file with 'y' or 'n' as the value per item.

If I upload my FBA inventory to AOB how do I get my stickers printed?

You will need to print your stickers for that upload directly from your Amazon.

How do I keep my FBA item from being listed to my other Active Sites?

The 'do not list' settings will assist you in limiting where your item is listed. For example, you want your item to be listed as FBA but not to be listed on Alibris. Check the 'do not list' box for Alibris and update the listing. Do Not List Settings will explain this tool in greater detail.

I have FBA items listed to sites other than Amazon. What happens if they sell elsewhere?

AOB will receive your order data and will edit the quantity of the item. It is the sellers' responsibility to give this order data to Amazon for fulfillment if you are not using AoB's FBA management options.

An FBA item was returned and relisted by Amazon. Now what?

If the item is listed as FBA and only on Amazon it is not required that you update the quantity here on AOB. If the relisted item sells in the future we'll still receive the order data, it will be displayed as an Unmatched order and is subject to your monthly AOB fees. If you choose not to update the quantity of these items on AOB they will not be available for repricing and cannot be listed to other sites if they were previously.

How does AOB calculate Amazon’s FBA fees?

The processing fee consists of the Pick & Pack fee + Variable Closing Fee + Weight Fee. (Pick & Pack/FBA per unit fulfillment fee of $1.00; Variable Closing Fee of $0.80 or $1.35 based on media (same as non-FBA); The Weight Fee of $0.37 per pound. (The Weight Fee is the weight we have on file plus two ounces for packaging, rounded up to the next pound. If the order is unmatched or there is no value for the weight we assume the weight to be one pound.)

Do I pay AOB fees on FBA sales?

Yes, if you have the “Enable FBA” box checked on your Venue Settings page you will incur fees for any FBA sales that come into AOB account.

What happens if I have a U (unmatched) FBA order that comes into AOB?

If the order is for an FBA item that is not in your AoB inventory that order will automatically go to History as canceled and will not be included in the billing queue, or in your sales stats.

How do I manage FBA items that have the same ISBN/condition/notes?

Each Merchant SKU has one FNSKU regardless of quantity. So, you would use the same SKU for those items.

How do I find FBA orders in my order history on AoB?

Go to History and in the comments search field enter 'FBA' and only FBA orders will be displayed on the results page.


What if I do not want to automate my MCF orders?

That's fine. It is not required that you automate the process.

  • Any seller having FBA enabled will see a Create MCF option in the Actions column of the Ship page.
    • Selecting Create MCF will transfer the order data to Amazon and move the order to an MCF link that will be displayed at the top of your Ship page.
      • If for any reason Amazon does not successfully process the transfer the order will be moved to On Hold with the error from Amazon displayed in the Comments section.
    • When Amazon sends a notification that the order has been shipped, the confirmation, including tracking, is sent to the selling site and your order in AOB will be moved to a Processed status.
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