Price Scan

Most book and media distributors provide regular emails showing available inventory in spreadsheet form.  Our Price Scan allows the AOB user to upload a file of items you're considering to add to your inventory and generate a report which will be emailed to you that will aid you in analyzing these lists using data retrieved from You can then employ spreadsheet filtering and sorting techniques to evaluate the data for purchasing and marketing decisions.  You can find the Price Scan in your AoB account by navigating to the Tools menu and then looking to the top right box on that page.

Once you are on this page you'll find a small configuration to allow you to group items in the output file based on various specifications as well as to set the condition, and the shipping rate, in cases where you may be shipping the purchased stock to a distribution facility.

Files to be uploaded should have the following headers:

  • sku
  • cost
  • and one of isbn/upc/asin. 

**Note: If you do not have SKU already assigned to the list AoB will be automatically supplying them during the processing of your file.  These SKU are merely reference-points for the data being collected and you do not have to use them when entering any of the items in the list to your actual inventory.



The Output file that will be emailed to you contains the following data points:

  • Title
  • ASIN
  • URL
  • UPC
  • SKU
  • Buy Box
  • Seller Offers
  • Category
  • Number of Reviews
  • Average Review
  • Sales Rank
  • Buy Box
  • Unit Cost
  • Weight
  • Weight Units  
  • Inbound Cost
  • Total Cost 
  • Total Fees = calculated storage fee + Amazon reported fee (which may include inbound--if there are any--and outbound shipping fees)
  • Gross Revenue
  • Profit
  • Margin
  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Comments
  • Custom 1 (for any customization you request)

We hope you enjoy this powerful tool.  Please contact our staff with any questions that you may have by leaving a comment, submitting a Support Request from your Help Center (sign in first please!) or by visiting our Live Chat.  


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