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Get order list for the given sublist and special characteristic.

Sublist is optional and may be one of the following:

  • N : New List
  • H : Hold List
  • A : Aux Hold List
  • P : Processed orders
  • C : Cancelled or Move To History orders
  • 1,2, .. 99 : One of the user-definable order lists by number

Special may expd to filter to only expedited orders.


Any order or order item field is available for order searches. Field names available can be inferred from an AoB formatted orders download file. Full field lists will be presented in our full documentation when it is published.

A field search is an equality search only not a partial text search. For example, searching for words within a title will not work.

Pagination applies to this call.


JSON field name/value pairs of order data of the following format:

{ "<order_id>" : { <order field/value pair>,
                   <order field/value pair>,
                   "order_items" : [ { "order_item_id" : "<order item id of this order item>",
                                     .. other order item field/value pairs },
                                    .. ]
  "<order_id>" : { .. },
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    Chris Bradley

    Can example calls be provided for our development team? We are attempting to retrieve skus from each processed order. I'm not sure the API functionality is there or if this would even be the correct call. What we are trying to achieve is a list of each days skus to be updated within our WMS system. Is this attainable through the API?

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    Hi Chris,

    I've created a support request from this comment so that I can get it in front of the programmer that can answer you. Please look for that in the next day or two. Thank you for your patience.

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