API – History – sales_download


GET/sales_download – get sales download file based on variables with New list default

GET/sales_download/<N|H|A|P|C|1..99> – get sales download file based on variables for the given sublist

  • N: New List
  • H: Hold List
  • A: Aux Hold List
  • P: Processed
  • C: Canceled/Moved to History
  • 1..99: Numbered ship list


Get sales download file using criteria in Variables for list given in endpoint


list (optional): ship list code (see above) Default: N

days: use this setting for the number of days in the past to pull data from then until present

venue: three-character venue code

year, month, and day: year, month, and day may be specified in these variables to fetch orders within that year (if only year is given), within that month of that year (if both year and month are given), or within a certain date (if all three are given).


Download sales file formatted as attachment.


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