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As a default behavior, AoB already color-codes many of the orders on your ship page to alert for special circumstances such as International (Green) or Expedited (Pink), and when you have two separate orders going to the same buyer (address highlighted red), for a few examples. 

But what if you have an order that is in your nearby location, and you want to offer a pick-up or delivery to the buyer?  Or, say, you have a repeat buyer that is difficult, and you want to be notified in some way of any new orders from that buyer so that you can take any necessary steps to handle the order as needed.   You need a way to set this up easily, using your own color-coding choices. That's exactly what Buyer Alerts will do for you. 


Found on Shipping Settings, this tool allows you to set up matching patterns using a variety of data points ...

  • Buyer name
  • Recipient name
  • Street addresses
  • City 
  • State
  • Country
  • Zip Code
  • Email
  • Phone

... to alert your shipping team for any coding that AoB does not already do as a default.  


To create your color-coding click into the Color field and it will activate a color chooser in a popup .. 



 This panel gives you the option of choosing from a full spectrum chooser that gives you a slide-bar to choose transparency (white down-arrow in the above image) as well as a slide-bar for the hue (white right-pointing arrow in the above image).  Or you can click 'Less' at my red arrows in the image to condense this panel so it displays just the color blocks. 

Once you have selected your color-coding that color will be what the Color field displays to you ...



Be sure to take note of the Action column at the far-left of this grid as it gives you the option to Add a new entry, as well as to Edit or Delete an entry. 


An action must be selected for any additions or edits to take place.  To delete an entry simply select Delete and save the page.  The line having the Delete option selected will be removed.  


As always, if you have questions or concerns be sure to login to your Help Center and you can add a comment below.  Or you can visit our Live Chat for some old school open forum live support.  

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