AoB's Referral Program

Hey Everyone!!

We had a seller in chat today that gave us a great idea; they were discussing how easy it is to keep up with Amazon's changes using AoB and suggesting we jump on the seller boards.  We can't really do that and as most of you know we do not advertise much either.  So, how about this ..


Word of mouth from satisfied customers is the best advertising for a company, so we've created a Referral Program for you.  To get started navigate to your Personal Setting page in AoB and look below the Save Changes button to find the new Referral Link for you to share with others.

Copy and paste to share your unique link anywhere you wish: Forums, Chat-rooms, Social Sites, email, skywriting .. let your imagination run with it.  

Any business/person/highly-skilled-bat that uses your link to signup for AoB and remains actively using their account the first 3 months from their sign up date will earn you a $20.00 credit to your account.  



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