Alibris upload and order pull issues 27 June 2016

Seems the hamsters over at Alibris are in a revolt.

What we know at this time is that FTP connections are failing resulting in your receiving emails from us saying that we deactivated your Alibris venue on AoB and that you should verify your login information and reactivate.

I don't feel like that last part is prudent at this time. Here's why ..

That warning email was meant to detect individual login errors and deactivate the venue before Alibris's automatic security systems blocked our entire cluster. It happened once before a couple months ago. What we're looking at now is a different issue on their end but it's triggering these emails.

Depending on how long these issues over there last, this could potentially stall your uploads to your other venues especially those of you with larger inventories.

My suggestion at this time is to either leave Alibris inactive on AoB or go ahead and set it to inactive while they're getting their hamsters back in line. We'll post an all-clear announcement as soon as we've gotten confirmation that all is well.

Any updates we have will be posted to this thread.


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