AoB and eBay's new Item Specifics Requirements

AoB is set up to help you list your items accurately using eBay's new requirements for Item Specifics information.  Go to your Single List Page settings and scroll to the eBay Attributessection to enable eBay Item Specifics

It has been noted that many of your are unsure about the 'Does not Apply' inclusion on listings where the UPC requirements come into play.  Please note that once you have enabled the Item Specifics for your account, as noted in the first paragraph, AoB will supply that value for you during the upload process as it applies to your listings.

For more information on how to use the new settings in your account please see the Single List Page Settings Help for more details.  Scroll down to the eBay Attributes section and have fun!

Happy Selling!!   Smiley


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