Amazon's new SOA Platform and AoB

Rumor has it that Amazon finally has a way for existing accounts to upgrade to the latest version of their seller accounts without loosing your feedback, nor essentially making you start over.  Further rumor has reached us that there is a deadline for switching over to this new platform by the middle of August of this year.  From what I've read, if you have not switched by that time Amazon will do it for you.  

One of our favorite sites for good news, eCommercebytes, posted about all the changes coming with this platform upgrade back in March and I encourage you to at least see what they have to say if you've not kept up with Amazon's news about it.  Read the article here...   http://www.ecommercebytes.com/cab/abn/y16/m03/i15/s01    

One of the new features coming with the platform upgrade will be the ability to have free shipping on non-BMVD inventory and we have that feature currently in BETA being tested by one of our community members.  However, other than a few shipping settings that will be announced as their direct support becomes available for your optional use there is nothing in AoB that you will HAVE TO change as a result of the Amazon platform upgrade.

Another of Amazon's new features available with the platform upgrade is the ability to sell on .ca and .mx through your .com seller account without having need of a seller's account on each site independently.   If you are interested in how this can be turned on in AoB's settings I urge you to read up on it in our page for Amazon's connection requirements .  

As always, let us know what you're thinking, or what questions you have.  You can leave comments on this post, or you can create a Support Request, or perhaps you'd rather come chat with us live.  We encourage you to reach out no matter your contact preference.



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